The Plan(…er…my plan)

I have to clarify that this is my plan because we have experienced a few wrinkles in our unnaplanning. Dave and I have the same general idea in mind, but sometimes I will go one way in my mind on it and he will go another in his mind and then we discover, to our shock and horror, that we have a difference of opinion on something. Anyone else?

Anyhoo – my friend Sandy asked where the pantry went when I put the “new” hutch where it is. Because that is where the pantry lived. Well…. ah… well, its in the dinning room/class room. I know. I know. There wasn’t any room in there to begin with. But it’s temporary – you see? And here is the plan in which I referred.

The pantry is “wheeled” (and not without incident I might add!) into the dinning room and will “park” there until we get the garage turned into the mud room/laundry room – with a walk in pantry. 🙂 

See – I can deal with this…

… if I know that this…

is coming in the near future. Well, I don’t know how near it will actually be. See… that is another one of those – “in MY mind” vs. “in HIS mind” things! But I am confidant that it will happen as soon. Or fairly soon. Or at least this year. Okay… before the kids move out for sure.

Oh, and Dave figured out how to stack the virtual washer and dryer!







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  1. Oh, the differences between men and women. When will they ever figure us out? hee hee…

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