Oh…The Angst of it All

The majority of the time Harrison is just delightful. He is a happy little guy, who is pretty easy to be around.  Most folks who know him would say that he loves life! But almost EVERY day he becomes this kind of rubbery creature with no heiney or hips that can’t stay in his chair. He slides down, almost off his seat… furrowed eyebrows… his hand becomes unable to hold a pencil and his mouth mysteriously becomes unable to make a sound that is even close to an audible word.

No… he’s not having a seizure.

Its time for maaaaaaaath.

For some reason he takes 15-20 minutes being this… this… heinniless-noodlie-mumbling-creature, and then with some a lot of stern encouragement, comes around to being human again and does his assignment in 5 minutes flat. (or thereabouts!)


I hope it’s just a phase.

After maaaaaaaaaaath he becomes a little boy again! I like him as a boy.





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7 responses to “Oh…The Angst of it All

  1. Ha — that sounds familiar.

    My email is: yankeemomnh@yahoo.com if you still want to talk about curriculum! 🙂

  2. Sandy

    This makes me laugh. I know a similar creature and fight her (mine is female of course) everytime I have to do something outside my comfort zone, then feel silly when it really wasn’t all that difficult. Can you imagine if everyone’s “creature” got out at the office when a difficult project started up, a whole bunch of heinniless-noodlie-mumbling-adult-creatures in a conference room. I just love Harrison!

  3. The same thing happens to me! Maybe we should get rid of Math all together 🙂

  4. ha ha…that’s so funny…you crack me up!

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