Doctors & Builders

I know, I know… I’ve not been so good lately with the posts. It’s been a busy week with one “down” and a lot of activities to boot.

Gerrit has been feeling pretty bad all week and I did my best to nurse him back to health – but alas I failed. 😦  He ended up at the doctors on Friday with a sinus and ear infection. Poor soul. He is a mess – but now on the road to recovery. Thankfully, I have a wonderful doctor who appreciates my efforts with the homeopathic remedies and encourages me to continue them even though one slips through my grip once-in-a-while. It’s been about a year since Gerrit had to go in – so the doc feels that what I do must be working the majority of the time. It seemed like I used to have one of the four in there almost every other month before I started my own “natural health clinic” several years ago! Now it’s maybe once a year for each of them – if that. Although it’s a lot of work and effort on my part… it’s worth it.

Soooo, in other news, Dave and I had a big decision to make this week. We had to decide if we wanted to do this garage remodel ourselves – and take probably a year to do it- but get everything we wanted in it, OR have someone do it in a week or two for us – but we wouldn’t be able to get the cabinets and counters or anything – yet.

Hummmm. What a dilemma.

Like my good friend Sandy said… “You want it all – right now“! Yep. That pretty much sums it up. She hit the nail on the head. But it sounds so terribly selfish of me.  Especially in light of all that the folks in Haiti are going through. I am so ashamed of myself sometimes. I choose to be grateful and for the opportunity to even have a dilemma about this project. 

Well, since we can’t have it all right now – we had to decide. And we did.

After much prayer and careful discussion we decided to have it built.

Thus, my garage turned laundry/mud room that I wanted to look  like this: (RIGHT NOW!)

…will look more like this:

for now. And I can live with that. Just as long as I know that we will be saving and working towards the other things needed for the room.

By having it built by someone who knows what they are doing, we won’t have to worry about the electrical or the plumbing part of the job either. I think I will sleep better at night knowing that it was done right and not some science experiment we did on the weekends! Less stress = better marriage. And on top of all that, we feel like we will be helping this young guy get his business off the ground. His father-in-law (who is a pro) will be helping him on this job. He is a very neat young man and he and his wife are expecting their first baby in April, so this came at a good time for him as well. It’s all good.

We are excited.

A little freaked out.

But excited about being freaked out.

Part of me wants to just hang on to the money and look at it in our account for a year or two. I’m nerdy that way.

The other part of me can’t wait for this room!

So – they start this week.


I will try to keep you posted.






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3 responses to “Doctors & Builders

  1. Jan

    I am so envious of your new laundry addition!

  2. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Congrats on your BIG decision. I know it was very very tough for you.. but you have been thinking about it for such a long time. We all need to have one of our dreams come true once in a while, and I am sure you will feel soo much good about it when it is done. I’m currently doing a major cleaning here, get rid of clutters that have taken a residence all over our place. Oh, Yuji worked hard and digitalized most of negatives from when we were neighbors. So if you need old pics, I have some ready. I heard Garrit was sick, hope he is better now. Hugs to y’all!!

  3. You are way better at keeping up with blog posts than me! I’m sorry about your little guy. I can totally relate to the homeopathic remedies. My parents did a lot of that with us growing up. I think it’s good to explore natural and medicinal solutions.

    So happy that you decided to get the work done instead of having the headache of doing it yourself. It will be fun to see the progress…

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