Have I Mentioned…

…that I LOVE Craig’s List?

After stalking it for months and months for a Rainbow vacuum… I found the one I wanted, for the price I wanted!


Okay, this photo doesn’t show all the pieces to it, but I just took this shot awhile ago while I was vacuuming the heck out of the house. I was in a “vicious vacuum mode”  and couldn’t be bothered with arranging things for a nice photo.

By far the best vacuum ever. All the dust and dirt goes into water so as not to fly back out and just circulate around the house again. No bags to buy, change or throw out. And MAN does it have some serious suction. Wow. Love it.

Of course you have to dump the dirty water out, but it just isn’t that bad to me now. My parents had one – way back in the day – and I never did appreciate it like I should have. To a kid, it’s just big, obnoxious and I HATED taking out the bowl of dirty water! But it sure does do the job.

So, here’s to a cleaner and less dusty/cat & dog hairy house!






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2 responses to “Have I Mentioned…

  1. Papa

    Wish I had 0ne again. Carol said I could get one “IF”
    I want to do “ALL” the vacuuming. Guess I’ll just dream about you using yours!

  2. This totally reminds me of that episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” where Raymond bought that same kind of vacuum…and Marie’s house didn’t have any dirt…ha ha…and Debra was SO mad…I love(d) that show…

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