Music to My Ears and Beauty to My Eyes

My dear and wonderful Dad sent us money for this piano for our Christmas gift. We had already told our friends that we wanted it, but hadn’t made the arrangements for help to get it yet.

Well, yesterday (in the rain) we got everything lined up. Go figure it was going to be one of the soggiest days ever here. (not really EVERRRR… but there was a LOT of water in our yard! And the creek overflowed before dark. YIKES!)

Actually, God was listening and gave us a little mist in the air instead of a downpour when the guys were bringing it over here in the truck. They, of course, had it covered, and it was fine.

So here it is… awaiting fingers.

It didn’t have to wait long! First thing this morning Harrison asked if he could play it and learn from me. I DON”T  know how to play… much. I just know the basic notes and measures, and can play simple little pieces, but not much beyond that. So, I decided to go ahead and teach them all (three) the basics here at home while we wait for the teacher we want to have an opening. Then they can, one at a time, move on to a “real” teacher. (Of course, JJ had “real” lessons several years ago.)

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but Harrison took to it real fast. He is already able to play his basic scale quite easily and is already learning a simple little piece! He played it over and over and over until he didn’t have to look at his hands! Isn’t that exciting? Well… I know it’s not ground breaking news… and other children are playing Bach by his age… but for around here – it’s exciting! Trust me!

We still need to get it tuned, but I am just so happy to look over and see it there in my living room. Even more happy when I am “hearing” it being played while I am in the kitchen cooking or in the dinning/class room grading papers! I look forward to getting very sick of hearing the scale before it’s all done and said.

Harrison just came in from outside (school is over) and asked if he could play his song! He said, “I don’t know why… but I just want to play my song all the time!”






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4 responses to “Music to My Ears and Beauty to My Eyes

  1. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Banzai! Sooo cool to have a smart looking musical instrunment. Not to mention, Harrison likes to play! I believe music is a unversal language, can take you anywhere and make friends. Can’t wait til I tell Kaoru. He said he will have a singing test today. Well , I am not sure of his singing.
    It will be so nice when the boys can play music together.

  2. Sandy

    I cannot wait to hear Harrison’s song!

  3. Papa

    I’m with Sandy, can’t wait to hear Harrison’s song.
    Along with Gerrit’s and JJ’s songs. Let me know when you find a piano tuner.

  4. Nice!!! Good for Harrison. My oldest three take piano lessons, and I love to listen to them play. I taught each of them up to a certain point, then passed them on to a music teacher, the worship pastor at our church. My oldest daughter has played for about five years now, and has officially surpassed my abilities. I love it! 🙂

    I noticed the “Piano Adventures” books on the piano. We use the same series. Those are great, aren’t they?

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