Music Men

…errrr boys.

(This is especially for my dad.)

Thought you would enjoy these photos of your grandsons.


JJ & Tang


I even learned a new song today.

Thanks Dad!





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3 responses to “Music Men

  1. Papa

    THANK YOU for giving me those sweet boys. I’ll have to tell them sometime about their uncle Eddie’s first music teacher, Charles O’Neil. Eddie was six years old, as I recall.

    I am so glad they are enjoying the piano. It looks like it is in good condition.

    Love you all.

  2. Hi-d do you play? I used to play but could never really get the hang of it. I’m glad your boys are taking lessons.


    • I took lessons as a child Linda. I remember the basics and enjoy plunking around! I just trying to teach the boys the basics and learn to read the music – then a “real” teacher will take over and teach them to play and read better. So far it has been fun – with the occational “tude”!

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