Baby Elijah Update

I know you are all praying for him, and I am encouraging you to keep  it up. He can use all you’ve got. Here is the latest update from his parents on Care Pages (at Childrens Hospital in Atlanta).

“Elijah had a busy morning. He had his bronchoscopy to get a peek at his airway, after which they were going to extubate him, since he was doing so well. They had a hard time getting good images of his throat because he was so gunky down there. They said the lower airway looks good, but the upper airway has lesions and swelling. They tried to extubate him and use a helium/oxygen mixture but he was working too hard and really retracting, so they re-intubated him. They are keeping him calm and comfortable with some Ativan and Morphine. He is doing a fair to good amount of breathing on his own over the ventilator, though when they relax him so much it goes down, naturally.

He looks like he has more spots on his head than he did before. They said his mouth and throat sores are bleeding, so they are going to check his clotting. The chemo drug, Vinblastine, although given in a low dose, sounds like it could be pretty caustic, so it’s possible that it’s causing the sores in his sensitive tissues. Now that he’s on the chemo, we have to make sure to wear gloves when changing his diapers, because it apparently comes out of his body still potent.

They are also trying to get a couple wounds in his armpit and groin area to heal up, since they don’t get much air. They are also trying to find a good cream to put on his body to keep his skin moisturized enough to keep him comfortable, but dry enough to promote healing of the sores.

Last night I printed out some pictures for his big brothers (3 and 22 mos). I used ones from when he had fewer tubes in him. I also printed pictures of his fingers, toes and the cute name card the nurses made for him. Both boys enjoyed the pictures. Ian said, “Come out of the picture, baby Elijah!” He spent a long time holding the photo to his chest, looking at it, hugging and kissing it. We talked about Elijah’s spots that he has inside and out, and the special “straw” he has to help him drink his milk, and the stickers that measure his heartbeats. I’d been scared to show them pictures, thinking it might scare them, but they didn’t seem phased. They seemed happy to see their new baby brother and hear about him. This morning, Ian taped the pictures up on the wall so he can look at his baby brother all day. Our hearts just melted to see him loving his new brother like that.”

 I just hurt so much for this little family. Please, please keep them lifted up in prayer.

Thank you,



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  1. Praying for dear little Elijah. Those tiny, delicate hands and feet… my heart goes out to him and his family.

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