Baby Elijah Update

From his parents Amy & Brian:

“Elijah’s nurse said he had a pretty good night. He popped another temperature, and although the cultures have been negative, they are putting him on some antibiotics just in case. They are doing a urine culture to check for a UTI too. The nurse is alternating Morphine and Ativan so that he doesn’t get periods of sleep and crankiness and can stay more even. He’s starting off slowly with his tube feedings and his nurse was swabbing his mouth with some breastmilk so he could enjoy the taste (and I bet it will benefit his sores too). She is a real character. We can tell she LOVES babies. She talks and talks and coos to them and holds them and provides such loving attention.

The Hem/Onc doctors say we can expect Elijah’s sores to look worse after the first treatment before they look better. They recommend waiting until around the second dose of chemo before trying to extubate him, since his airway is so swollen and sore. They’ll probably put him on some prophylactic antibiotics next week because the treatment could leave his lungs prone to infection.

Little Elijah smiled for me this morning and that just made my day!”

Please keep up the prayers for this precious baby boy.

Thank you,





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3 responses to “Baby Elijah Update

  1. praying for Elijah…what a precious baby!

  2. This tiny struggling little soul. My prayers are with him daily.


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