I know… I know…

…I need to update you. Sorry. (and I was just SURE that this blog thing wouldn’t become another item on the “to do” list!)

It’s been SO busy around here… and then I had the nerve to go and get a UTI this weekend. I saw a doc today and got antibiotics – will be doing great by tomorrow I’m sure!

So, here is the status on the mud room:

They started construction on Sunday.

They worked ALLLLLL day, and into the night.

They got the wall supports in…

…and then then the door.


We are on our way!

And today – they’ve been putting down the floor boards. But had some issues with the left outside wall. It has sunken down about half an inch or more. So they had to take some time and jack it up, insert some expanding cement under the wall and then wait for it to set up and dry. Lunch break!

It took some valuable time out of their day – but at least it’s done.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet today because I’ve tried to stay out of their way – and of course because I haven’t felt so great. But I will get some maybe after they leave and hopefully get them posted tomorrow.





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3 responses to “I know… I know…

  1. Neat! So are they taking half of your garage to make a mudroom? Just trying to figure out what I am looking at. 🙂

  2. Sandy

    That is looking AWESOME – then the floor and the sheetrock – you’ve got to call me when it is time to paint………btw……..did you settle on a color yet? Do you just walk out there and stand in the middle of the floor and look around? It is moving so quickly!

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling good over the weekend – that is the worst time to get one of those. Glad you are on your way to recovery.

  3. So exciting to see the process being started. There are so many people I know that are remodeling or building houses…it’s really fun to watch.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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