Maybe She Finally Got the Message!

With the construction going on in the garage, I’ve had to keep Jetta – our oldest pet in the family – in the house. She is a watch dog and is a fierce protector of our family and property. She might be fine with the guys out there after a while, realizing that I WANT them here, but then again if they move too quick… yea. Sooooo, it was requested that we keep her in – “just in case”! And I can’t say that I blame them. The only problem is when they have to come inside for one reason or another. She – hackles raised and lips curled –  however, wags her tail and lets them use the bathroom!

Well, Little Miss Kiki Pants thinks the house belongs to her, so it has been quite a time around here with the two of them inside. Kiki has NOT been very lady-like  towards Jetta, and she has spent much of the last three days in her crate. I hate it – but she just doesn’t seem to understand that she has to have manners in the house. Well, today I got so love’n sick of juggling dogs I decided to let them duke it out and get it settled once and forall.

Sheeesh. Girls.

Well… I will just say that Kiki is laying at my feet, and Jetta is comfortable on the big pillow… downstairs. Way to hold your ground Jet – NOT. But they are in the open together and not bearing teeth.  (Perhaps the stun-gun helped a little! Oh, now stop. Don’t get the panties in a wad. I didn’t actually touch any of them with it… just the sound of it makes them behave better! Hey – I might need to pull it out during school! KIDDING.)

Hopefully I can work out a peace treaty between Jetta and Kiki before this whole ordeal is over. If they don’t shape up quick it will have to be a “them or me” kind of ending here. And we don’t want that!

Oh, and Brutus? He’s such a big’ole-lovable-dummy that he is fine outside with the guys! He takes no sides in the “girl’s” battle. One of them is his mamma, and the other his playmate! He’s Switzerland.

(Yes… I do feel like I am operating a zoo over here. And sadly, I am the zookeeper. And by that I mean that I keep all these animals I come close to! I am a sucker for critters. But they may be the death of me!)






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4 responses to “Maybe She Finally Got the Message!

  1. “He’s Switzerland.” I cracked up.

    Our puppy is not a people pet. She likes us it’s just everyone else in the world that she’s not fond of. Makes me a bit nervous.

    I hope all the canine members of your family settled down and give you a little peace!

  2. You crack me up, Heidi! Your dogs are really cute…great pictures. You remind me so much of my best friend, Shirley…she has a real attachment to dogs (strays) and the like. She also homeschools her kiddos and they are building a house. Check out her blog sometime

  3. Your dogs are cute. I love meeting them and I like getting to know how you inter act with them.


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