More Progress Photos

…it’s after 10 pm the guys are still here working and my brain is mush!

It’s been a busy, rainy, crazy day!

I do have a couple of pictures for you, but not much is forming in my head to say to you. I am tired even though I’m not the one that’s been out there with a hammer and nails! Actually, it’s more like a saw and a nail gun! (I think I’d like to use that.)  🙂

That will be the pantry straight ahead. The door to the right is to the kitchen now – that door used to be the back door to the garage. It will be taken off and it will just be a doorway there. No door.

And that door on the left here is the new back door – to the outside! James is working on the walls of the coat closet there. Not in the same place as the original plans I made up – but it’s all kind’a changed now. For the better – I am hoping! The doorway to the right of the fridge there is to the shop. The fridge won’t stay there of course – it will be in the pantry now. I need to do the design program on the computer again to show you what is where – or just wait a few more days and send you pictures of it!

We will see. Maybe I will find the time to at least do the floor plan again.

JJ is now sick with a nasty cold too. Thank goodness Guy is over it, and although Harris threatened to get it… we were able to chase it off… for now.

I am feeling much better, but am not sure that I’m over the UTI totally. We shall see.

It’s still a zoo in the house – dogs, cats, kids… oh, and here is a picture of Tang who took over Kiki’s bed today and caused quite the turmoil for the little dog! If I were to venture a guess as to who’s in charge around here (in the animal world) I would have to say that it’s probably Tang! Kiki is too “respectful” of him (or of his nails) to chase him off and the labs walk way around him!

Actually that makes me want to go snuggle into bed!

Goodnight all~




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2 responses to “More Progress Photos

  1. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Way to go, Tang!! good to see you on the blog.
    (I DO like you, Kiki..but I am a cat person)

  2. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Forgot to tell you I like your new banner.
    Very creative! How did you do that?

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