Use Your Sunscreen

It was not a shock to me that I acquired some skin cancer. Being as I was a lifeguard, swim instructor, on a swim team and let alone laying out slathered in baby oil! But it’s never something you want to get.

I am just grateful that they have ways of finding it and removing it now-days.

I wasn’t very concerned about having this cancer on the bridge of my nose removed yesterday, but today I feeling quite different about it. It hurts. However, it went well and they didn’t have to go too terribly deep.

Please remember to use the sunscreen on yourself and your kids!

It might save them from looking like this one day:

Lovely – I know. Sorry.

I showed the kids this morning when I removed the bandage and Gerrit said, “Thank you mom… and now I shall go throw up”.

The swelling will go down in a few days and in a month or two (hopefully) it will look MUCH better than this.

Like I said, I’m feeling grateful.






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3 responses to “Use Your Sunscreen

  1. Oh hi-d! I didn’t know that you had skin cancer. Did I miss a post earlier, or is this the first? I’m so glad that it didn’t spread any farther than your nose. I’m sorry that you are in pain. I hope that you feel better tomorrow.

    I know you feel self-conscious, but honestly, it doesn’t look bad. ((hugs))

  2. Ouchy! I’m so glad that they caught it…

    I just discovered another thing we have in common…(or a couple)…I was on swim team as well in HS and I LOVED to lay in the sun in the summers as a kid…The darker the better, but it can cause skin damage…and I’ve had serveral suspicious moles removed…

  3. Oh my gosh. I have spent SO much time abusing my skin with the sun and tanning beds. This post REALLY scares me. I am in desperate need of a skin check at the dermatologist (it’s been a few years). Thanks for the VISUAL reminder to be proactive.

    Your son’s statement cracked me up though 🙂

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