Not Again…

Well, it’s a migraine filled weekend, but I am determined to get the mud room painted today. It has been patiently waiting all week for me to put the brush to the wall.

I had gotten the “edge off” this stupid headache for a bit this morning, and so fed the family & pets, got the wash started, and put beans in the crockpot. But now I am shaky and dizzy, so got on the couch with my laptop and the olympics for a little rest before I hit the paint cans!

Those paint fumes might help – eh? Well, it couldn’t get much worse – so what the heck?


It’s all good… I can tell that I am probably on the backside of this one. Should be as good as new tomorrow!

Hope you all are having a more productive weekend!





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4 responses to “Not Again…

  1. Hope you’re on the mend soon! Migraines are THE WORST and I completely sympathize. Enjoy some alone time painting, and hopefully the mental health benefits will offset the head pain.

  2. Oh, girl…I am so sorry…migraines are NO fun at all…get some rest and feel better soon!!!

  3. Migraines are the worst!!! You rest. I always get a migraine when I am stressed to the max.


  4. I’ve always been a fan of paint fumes myself. 🙂


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