Big Flakes

We woke up this morning to snow flakes gently floating down from space into a quiet morning!

It was beautiful.

Although nothing stuck to the ground for very long – it was just such a beautiful sight.

Lulu stayed out in it for some time… she seemed quite excited by those big snow flakes.

Kiki also enjoyed the falling snow. I got a little bit of her on video trying to catch some!

It was all very entertaining for a while.

Now, at 2:30 in the afternoon, it is sunny but chilly.

I’ve almost finished painting the pantry. Just have a little of the white gloss trim left to do and then we can begin to move in the food shelves! I can’t wait to get that all done.

The rest of the room (the laundry/mud part) hasn’t gotten any paint on the walls yet, but I hope to get that done by this weekend. Even though it isn’t painted yet… we did get some progress in there this week! Take a look at what I can’t believe we have now.

I have enjoyed doing the wash this week more than ever!

I have to tell you a funny little story about this washer and dryer, and the boys. There is great interest in the laundry as a chore now… it has been shunned by all of them except JJ – who enjoys it like me! Now, all of the sudden, the other two want in on this lovely chore. Yesterday afternoon, when I called the boys upstairs to take care of a few things for me, Harrison asked if he could do some wash. I told him he could bring up their dirty clothes and sort the stuff, but that it’s all been done and so there won’t be much in the hamper to do. Well, he lugged up the hamper and sorted the clothes into three tiny little piles and then asked me to come show him how to wash it in the new washer.

Well, I was in the middle of my painting… and was down on the floor working on the shoe moulding… not real comfortable and not in the greatest of moods and so I told him to wait until tomorrow to learn how to use the washer. He begged for me to just come and show him how because he really wanted do the wash! I snapped and raised my voice, “Harrison, just go and play – I will show you how to work the washer tomorrow. You don’t need to do it NOW.”

Can you believe me? What an idiot. Here is an 8-year-old boy who wants to learn how to do the wash… finally… and I blow him off.

A little bit later, after I had finished my painting (for the day) I called Harris up and apologized for raising my voice and snapping at him. He smiled and said he forgave me and that he looked forward to learning how to use it tomorrow. So sweet. Oh… and he did remind me today that we had that chore together! And he did great. He said as he pushed a button to start the machine, “Mom… this is like SO high-tech… what will the washers in the future be like?” 

I say this IS the future. (for me!)

Now if only he will still want to do the wash after the excitement of the new machines wears off! He can wash his own baseball uniform this season. 🙂

Anyway, things are coming along, slow but sure.




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