I have noticed over the years (and yes, I know I am not the first) that life comes in phases or seasons – if you will.

There are phases of healing, of personal growth, of productivity, of passivity and sometimes severe emotional adjustments.

Phases of unfortunate regression or failure, and occasionally spurts of triumph, victory or success.

Sometimes it’s a season of hardship, a “moment” of doubt or a period of grief.

A spell of confusion. A time of complete joy or of utter chaos.

A term of peace, a summer of bliss, or a winter of pain.

But with every phase there is an end.

This I know.

And as one ends… another must begin.

When I am in a phase that is comfortable – and things are going quite well – I try not to wonder when this phase will end, and what will be waiting for me in the next. But sometimes the pure puzzlement of the seasons themselves inevitably leads one into wonderment.

 Since my most recent phase has been like a chunk of stressfully-sweet achievements with a dash of bitter confusion and grief – I was really hoping for my next one to be in the realm of stillness, tranquility, calmness, enchantment, sentiment or even – dare I say – solitude.

That is a tall order – I must say. A longshot. A dark horse.  An unlikely desire. But one is allowed to wish… to dream. 

And now as I contemplate that I may be opening the door into the next phase, I begin to realize that I should have been a bit more specific. A lot can happen in solitude and stillness. The brain can go a lot of places. Many places. Sometimes even places it shouldn’t.

Thus this new phase of personal stillness and sentiment seems to be sprinkled with – temptation.

I just wasn’t expecting that.






Although small and often obscure, the door to your next one, awaits to be opened.

Be careful what you wish for.





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3 responses to “Phases

  1. Well said. Sometimes I don’t realize that I am in a phase until I’m through it and looking back.

  2. Sandy

    Okay…….to the point….what is the temptation. My curiosity is running wild……I dare say I am dreaming up some pretty good stuff…..oh wait, is that your temptation or mine?

  3. I know what you mean about the seasons of life. They can feel like a roller coaster at times…just when things are running smooth you have a big hill to climb or their is a break in the tracks. I think we must be sisters separated at birth, Heidi. 🙂

    hi-d (too)

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