A Peek into my New Pantry

Well, at least part of our new room is done!

And I am LOVING this part right now!!

Unbelievably NICE to have this much room and everything in one place.

And now you get to see the color we settled on. Although it may not look the same on your computer as it really is.

It’s called ryegrass – Sherman Williams

 I know… it kind’of looks like split pea soup! But I just love it. Green, green, green… sage green, army green, pond green – you name it – I just like green!

Well, that’s not really fair. I like almost every color alive too. (but I am especially fond of green!)

I did pretty good on my SOS (Save Our Sanity) today. Got a lot done. But sadly JJ is under the weather and is throwing up this evening. Poor guy – he just hates to be sick! Well, I’m not too happy about him being sick myself.





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5 responses to “A Peek into my New Pantry

  1. Oh, I’m sorry about the sickness, but what a great pantry! I can see why you are so happy about it. We have a good-sized pantry closet in our kitchen and I don’t know what I would do without it. Fun!

  2. That’s a great pantry! It looks like a mini-grocery store!

    Sherwin Williams makes the best paint, and I love the color you picked. I love green too. We currently have two green rooms (different shades) in our house, and when I suggested a bluish-green color for yet another room, my husband said, “No more green!” 😀 I tried to persuade him that it was really more blue than green, but he wasn’t having any of that!

  3. I love Green as well…nice pantry, girl!

  4. Wonderful! I wish I had a pantry, and looking at yours is something to drool over.


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