It Was a Baseball Weekend

Harrison had practice Friday& Saturday and a scrimmage game on Sunday.

He is still struggling with “loving” it this year. I makes me so sad that he isn’t excited like he was in the Fall about playing this game.

But after realizing this weekend that he isn’t being moved around – just stuck out in the outfield  – no wonder he isn’t as excited about it.  I am not real happy about how this team is operating myself, but it isn’t up to me – so the best we can do is to see what there is to learn from this situation and help Harrison to grow and improve his character. (This is seriously working on mine as well!) 

I believe, at this age, they should be moving those boys around and letting them play different positions – just so they can learn. Especially in a practice game! (and by the way, even though Harry isn’t the smallest on the team, he is the youngest.)  But it looks like the pressure to win is more important to the coach and some of the other dad’s on the team, than the whole “learning” thing. Sad.

Even some of the moms are all about the “games” and winning. They yell at their boys when they make a mistake or drop a ball. I just don’t get that. Is it not for the boys? Aren’t you doing all this for the kids? If it’s for you then get your butt out there and do it… if not, then let you child play. Cheer them, don’t nag them.

Hey, I know my kid isn’t the best one out there… but he’s trying. I say mistakes are good. That’s how ya learn.  Some of the “better” kids on the team were making mistakes yesterday. So what? It’s a game. Let them all have a go at making a mistake! But lets let the inexperienced boys have their chance too.

(Boredom has caused him to start twirling around and talking to himself out there!)

Keep the serious stuff and pressure for the big times. These are little kids.

Okay… I’ll get off my soap box.



Harris was plumb worn out after this weekend of baseball!


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One response to “It Was a Baseball Weekend

  1. Sandy

    Hopefully your encouraging ways will rub off on the other parents. We can hope so for all those boys’ sake!!

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