Teetering on the Edge…

 If only the edge that I teetered on was the roof!

Sadly it’s more like the edge of sanity.


And although I have much to post and catch up on… I can’t seem to focus tonight. Maybe it’s the late hour… or maybe it’s the “edge” thing! I don’t know. But for now I will just tell you that I am (mostly) done with painting the mud room. I have two doors, one window and the “pit” left. I am waiting till I get some brown paint for the “pit”. There is no sense in puting white trim down in there when I know it will not last more than a day of looking… well… white.

I stopped painting Friday evening (with a two and a half hour unplanned break to take JJ into urgent care for a suspicious bright red rash around a little scratch that he got on Monday. He had been telling me that is was bugging him all week and I basically told him to suck it up… it was just a little poke! But it turned out to be poison ivy! I didn’t know you could get it even before there are leaves blooming on it!) and then was gone all day Saturday, (more on that later) so I didn’t get a good picture before all the “junk” got thrown back into the room. But here are some pics I took in there today.

I know we have a ways to go before it is nice and finished – as far as counters and cabinets and all, but I just have to tell you that this little space right there is sheer heaven to me! I have gotten all… ALL the laundry done in one day for the past two weeks now! It’s crazy! CRAZY I tell you! I don’t ever remember THAT happening! And since I rather enjoy the laundry anyway… it is just the greatest thing to have a nice (and clean) place to do it now! And I gotta say… I LOVE those machines!

But it’s a little disturbing to me now  – that I wanted a nice place to do the laundry, since I was doing it almost every day, and now that I have it… I get it done in one day. What the heck?

Okay… not much of an update… but at least you can see the room.

My sweet oldest son just brought me a “cheer up” (or “butter up”… not sure yet!) gift of some little white doughnuts he got on his way home from work! Although not the best thing to eat – period – but especially at 1 am, I ate them anyway! He said these would be good for my soul! And they were!

My soul needed them – it’s my heinnie that didn’t!


Here’s hoping for the return of some sanity in my sleep!



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3 responses to “Teetering on the Edge…

  1. What a pretty laundry/mud room! It looks so nice and spacious, and of course I love the color. 😉

    Way to go on getting all that laundry done in one day!

  2. Sandy

    It is gorgeous! Well done! Kudos! Awesome job! ………….whew……..I know you are happy to be done (well, done enough). Now you can get back to your regular busy schedule – it is never good to overload for too long – that is the edge you were on…………..

    love you girl!

  3. Beautiful job on the laundry/mud room. I really like the color of the paint!

    I hope you are getting some rest and are able to focus more. Take care, my friend!!!

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