My Visit to the NICU

Saturday, I had the pleasure of being able to hold, feed, change, cuddle and love on baby Elijah for a few hours.

His very tired mommy and daddy need some time with their other two little ones on the weekends, but being the good parents that they are, they don’t like baby Elijah being all alone up there in that hospital crib without any more attention than the nurses can divide among all the other babies in the NICU.

So… my Bible Study girlfriends and I have decided to take turns going up on the weekends to be with him.

He is such a happy little guy. Other than all the tubes and wires in and out of him (and his poka-dot scares) you wouldn’t even know anything was wrong with him! He was smiling and cooing during his wakeful moments and slept peacefully on my chest for his nap. He wares out rather quickly taking (his mamma’s) milk from a bottle, but what he doesn’t take himself they finish feeding him through the feeding tube.

Because of the Chemo that he’s received, I was told I had to ware gloves, a mask and a gown the whole time. However, I think they are just being very cautious with him. This disease is so rare that they have not had much experience with it. I smooched his cute little head through the mask anyway!

We are now just praying that his little lungs will heal and he can be sent home to live a normal life with his two big brothers and his wonderfully strong mommy and daddy!


Sweet dreams baby Elijah.





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2 responses to “My Visit to the NICU

  1. Oh, bless his dear little heart! I wish I could pick him up and cuddle him! Praying for this precious little one.

    I’m glad you and your friends are taking turns going to visit and help. I’m sure it means so much to them all.

  2. Oh, how precious. I pray that he will be healed and will be able to go home soon!

    You have such a servant’s heart, hi-d…that is really sweet of you and your girlfriend’s to take turns. I’m sure his parents are SO grateful!


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