What’s a Mother to do?

I got nuth’in.

… nothing.

Really, what could I say to explain this?

He’s perfectly happy with the look. Actually I don’t think he gave a seconds thought about the clothes – he was thrilled to finally be old enough to own his own air-soft gun!


I’m sure it’s a phase.

Anybody care to make a caption for it?

(Tough Guy vs. Goofy?, The Cami-Pajama Hit Man?, If my attire doesn’t scare them off I’ll shoot’em?)





Filed under Real Life on My Planet, The boys

2 responses to “What’s a Mother to do?

  1. ha ha ha…that’s really funny…I can’t think of a good caption…but I like the one you wrote: “If my attire doesn’t scare them off I’ll shoot’em.”

  2. Sandy

    I thought I was the only one to wear clothes over my pj’s – some mornings it is just too cold to change all the way…………………

    Love the look Harry!

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