Looking for Spring – Or Not

On our walk yesterday we had a treasure hunt of sorts. We were looking for signs of Spring. I told the boys to find me some COLOR! Color usually means Spring is close.

I forget they are all colorblind except for Harris. (but scroll down to the previous post and you would think that he was too!) So, I have to try to get the older ones to look for “new growth”. Mostly they just goofed around and were giddy & silly. (Another sign that Spring is near!)

But when we got home I got the camera out and decided to go find some new growth and color myself.

Some of the color I found in our yard wasn’t actually “new growth”!

The boys were delighted to find this “donut” that was purchased for the dogs years ago and hasn’t been seen since!

And this little dot of color happens to be popping up all over my yard (and driveway, and car, and even in the house)! It is an air-soft BB. Another sure sign of Spring – when the boys are out shooting each other!!

The loading zone. (It’s really the only place I’m safe to shoot pictures!)

And yes… there are occasional slight injuries! Well, alright… every game there’s a few. But comparatively speaking… it’s worth it!!

(And don’t worry Dad, they can’t play if they don’t were eye gear. And you have to be shot by your own gun before you can shoot anyone else. The guns come in different FPS – feet per second. That way if you can’t handle the pain – you don’t get to inflict it!)

 And of course half the fun is sitting around after the “battle” and comparing welts!! I think they spend nearly as much time talking about what they just did as they did doing it!


What-r-ya gunna do?

Join’em I say!

Of  course you don’t get a picture of that – because I have a gun in my hand instead of a camera!!

Happy (almost) Spring!





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2 responses to “Looking for Spring – Or Not

  1. Boys! What a joy. I only had one boy, three girls, no boys. Boys have much more energy.


  2. Papa

    Glad you have rules!!

    I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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