Action Shot

I don’t know why… but this photo just makes me laugh!

Lulu & Tang were crazy the other day. Running all around and attacking each other (in play – I think). I just happened to get this shot and the boys think it’s so cute! Like they are hugging or something! (Of course the boys think that EVERYTHING these two do is cute. Me? Not so much.)

They are, at least, a source of entertainment.

Then there’s these two nuts. Tang tolerates Kiki about as good as anyone can, but we all know that he’s the boss and could take her out real quick with one swipe of his claws. Kiki knows it too, but she just can’t help herself when she wants to play with’em!

Tang’s a pretty cat, but he has some kind of sinus problem. He snorts. Kind’a creepy like.

Okay… that’s all. Just share’n some critter stuff with ya.

(I’ll have a Harrison/baseball story for ya soon.)






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