I caught these cute photos of Tucker and his little cousin “Jojo” at the game Saturday. Jojo’s older brother plays on the same team as Tucker’s older brother. Must be SO nice to have cousins close enough to hang out with.


My kids don’t. All their cousins are out west.

I just LOVE these two little people and thought these were cute pics!

Can ya see the family resemblance?

I just want to snatch them both and take them home with me. But, I probably already have enough kids. Maybe I should just take their pictures at the ball park and have them over for visits instead.

 Hope you are having a nice start to Spring where you are! It got cold and rainy here again… but here’s hoping for the sun!






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2 responses to “Cousins

  1. Those are great pictures, hi-d! Cute kids!

  2. They are darling children!!! Your photos are great!


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