Going to take some time to gather the remaining pieces of my sanity and try to put them back together into some sort of  “normal” human being again. So I’m taking some SOS days! (Save Our Sanity)

Not sure how long that will take – but I’m guessing that I’ll need a good chunk of time!

Don’t think it will be a pretty sight, so will spare you the details!

I’ll be back… soon… if I’m lucky.

No… it’s not really THAT bad… just need some time to get caught up and this is one thing I can cut out for a while.

I’ll miss you…





Filed under Real Life on My Planet

4 responses to “SOS

  1. Time off from another ‘have-to’ is always good.

    Let me know when you are back.


  2. That’s sort of what I had to do too… step away and take a break. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Praying for you right now Heidi, that the Lord would give you peace and a clear mind and thoughts. God Bless You…and get some rest… 🙂
    Hugs…hi-d (t00)

  4. I hope everything is okay! I’ll miss updating with you! If you need some encouragement and want to chat, please email me…

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