Just Popping In

Okay… NOW I can tell you the reason for my absence. I jumped on a plane to California on the 26th of March with Harrison in tow – to yet another surprise party! I did need to “get out of dodge” as well, so it was good timing. I decided to stay awhile and visit with some friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while. Sadly, I didn’t get everyone visited that I wanted to, but I got to see some dear friends and some that I haven’t seen in a little over 8 years.

It was a good trip. But a rough start. I must figure out what causes my “allergic reaction” to traveling! I’m serious. I’m allergic to California, or flying, or stress or something!

Again, two days after arriving, I wake up with my eyes swollen shut. That slowly dissipates into my face and turns into red-hot hives… all the way down to my neck. I itch like crazy, my eyes water and feel like acid on my skin, and I look just plain AWFUL.

 Unfortunately, but fortunately, I had just gone through this in January when I flew out to surprise my oldest brother for his birthday, so I knew my doctor would know what I was talking about when I called and asked her to prescribe me some drugs!!

She prescribed the Pregnizone (sp?) again and I muddled through the week with itchy hives that came and went and moved around my face & neck. I just hate it when that happens.

I will have some photos of my trip on here real soon. But I have about 900+ of them to go through. We were all over the northern half of California!  A day in the mountains, a day in the Central Valley, a day on the coast, and then to the Napa Valley, then back up into the mountains, back to the Central Valley… etc. We were yo-yo driving!

Yea… I know… should have planned it better. But I like to be flexible when I get out there. Too many hard-core plans only make me more stressed out! And we don’t need more hives!  But it IS a lot of work to figure out how to get around to everyone and work with their work schedules and all. See, my whole family, my husband’s family and a lifetime of friends all live out there!

Harrison and I are glad to be home safe and sound and I look forward to sharing some of the highlights of our trip with you.

Well, even though I am still operating on West Coast time, I must hit the pillow now. Reality will be knocking on my door tomorrow – try as I might to ignore it.






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2 responses to “Just Popping In

  1. Welcome back home. I’m glad you had a nice trip. 🙂

  2. I wonder if it is traveling…so many things that could go wrong…and not a way to control them.


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