Papa’s Place

Just want to share with you photos from my Dad’s backyard. He and Carol spend a lot of time and tender-loving-care out there. It is so beautiful and with the trickling of the water features, all the wonderful colors of flowers, the soft green moss – ahhh – I just love it! And it would actually be a little snippet of heaven if it weren’t for the yappy little dog next door that barks incessantly the entire time you are outside. Poor Dad & Carol – I feel for them having to deal with that every time they go out to enjoy the yard (or work in it). But it is so very beautiful – isn’t it?

A big thank you to Papa & Carol for putting up with Harry & I the whole week! Thanks for being our “home-base”, and for rolling with our unscheduled days. We will have many sweet memories from our time together.

Love you both,


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2 responses to “Papa’s Place

  1. What a beautiful yard. I’m just beginning to think about what I would like to do in my yard so these were great attention getters for me.


  2. Papa

    We loved having you. It was over all too soon.

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