A West Coast Day

Tuesday Harrison and I, along with my brother Rick and my friend Maurene – with her son Jake, headed to the coast for the day. It was off and on rain – but that made it even more beautiful to me. The big billowy clouds against blue sky… we even got to see a beautiful rainbow! Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

(Jake & Harrison – they got along SO well!)

From Lodi, we took highway 12 all the way to Bodega Bay. (That is where Dave and I honeymooned! )

We actually drove by the little train depot where we were married – in Kenwood (the Sonoma Valley).


But once again, I am ahead of myself. (If only that were the problem I had when it comes to chores!) Let me back up a bit and show you some photos from along highway 12 between Lodi and Fairfield. (Closer to Fairfield) It was just so beautiful and all these windmills are new since I’ve moved away. Lucky for me I wasn’t driving so I could just shoot pictures the whole time! They are through a window – so not going to be great ones.

One photo shows a big C5 or C17 airplane doing touch-and-goes at Travis Airforce Base. The plane is right above the trees in the photo. I was telling Harrison how we used to watch planes do that when we were little – and then one came along and did it for us as if on que! So neat.

Here – I’ll just put them in a slide show for ya.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am having problems keeping the photos I want pasted on the page separate from the photos I want in the slide show. Not sure how to remedy that just yet… so you have to look at those previous pictures again. Sorry.

And since I can’t make a separate slide show of the actual ocean pics – It wants to put them  all together. I will wait and post a separate one with those so you don’t have a gargantuan slide show to watch!

So… to be continued. I should be in bed by now anyway.



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