A West Coast Day Slide Show

Grab your coffee and join me for a few moments to view our wonderful day on the West Coast!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, what a powerful ocean. I have great respect for it. Was almost taken by it at the age of two, and then again as a young adult. My mom said that there is no way I could remember the event that occurred when I was two – saying I was just too young to have any memory of it. Surly I was just remembering stories told about it. But I described what I could see from my “ocean facing land” view, and also described the cinderblock bathroom where they took me after my rescue to try to wash some of the sand out of my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I was so little they just put me in the sink. She turned white – and said “I guess you DO remember it, because we’ve never talked about that part.”

But I still LOVE the ocean! I just keep my distance and am conscious of its strength. It is a reminder to me of how wonderful and powerful our God is. Majestic. Gotta LOVE it.

Well, we wound the day down with a big beautiful (double) rainbow and a visit to a neat candy shop – then some Mongolian Stir Fry. Thanks Rick. (I know… the candy and dinner are in the wrong order – but what can I say – we were on vacation!)

What a day. What memories. What great company! So glad that Harrison got to see/feel/smell and play in it!

Hope you enjoyed the slide show. (Please tell me if it was difficult to load up or anything. Too big?)

I’m ready to go back.





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One response to “A West Coast Day Slide Show

  1. Papa

    We’re ready to have you back!!!!!!!!!!!

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