Visiting the Napa Valley

On Wednesday, Harrison and I drove back over Highway 12 and then North up Highway 29 to Yountville, in the Napa Valley, to see my mom who lives in a real nice retirement place there.

We took a walk to a small park nearby and on the way we met Molly! She is a rescued greyhound and was just the sweetest thing. Makes me want to have another sight hound. I love those breeds, and I’ve always wanted to rescue a greyhound. Maybe someday.

Just before dinner, we headed south about 45 minutes to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I took my mom with us so she could get to love on the new baby girl! She is only the second baby girl born into my husband’s family in over 150 years. She missed being the first girl by only a month!

This was my first time seeing her and I was SO looking forward to it. I adore her two older brothers and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her! She wasn’t disappointing!! What a little doll! So happy and content. We had a very nice visit and Harrison enjoyed playing with his cousins.

The next morning we headed back up North again to visit some dear friends that I haven’t seen for over 8 years. They have a beautiful horse ranch up there and their daughter, Louise, gives lessons and clinics there on the ranch as well as boards horses. I met them when Louise was 8 years old and she & her mom used to babysit my oldest son Darren when he was just an infant. My… how time has flown by. She is now a beautiful woman and has a son of her own!

Sandra & Gil introduced me to Dave. They had met him, while at a friend of his house, who used to give Louise ridding lessons! Then arranged for a blind date.

Gil baptized me in 1988, married Dave & I in 1994, and has dedicated each of my four boys!

Good people.

Harrison got to ride around the ranch with Uncle Gil and visit the horses while Sandra and I got “caught up”.

It was a very nice day and well worth all the driving!

We arrived back home to my Dad & Carol’s late that evening  – and we were plum worn out.

Only two days of our trip left…




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  1. What a wonderful time. And just you and Harrison. Trips like that are memories of a life time.


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