To the Sierra Nevada Mountains

On Thursday, while in California, Harrison and I, along with my brother Rick and friend Maurene (with son Jake) again hit the road to go show Harrison the mountains! He had been asking to see the snow-capped mountains that he saw in the distance (from the Central Valley) ever since we landed the plane! The only problem was… his perception of “climbing the mountain”! I didn’t realize until we had been in California for a few days, and he had become VERY frustrated with me, that he didn’t know what a “real” mountain was like at all. Being as he’d never been to a “real” mountain, he thought you drove up to it… got out of the car… and hiked up to the top of it and could see for miles! Bless his little Georgia heart!

Once I figured out his frustration… I was able to better explain the whole deal. He just didn’t know that when we were driving “up” into the foothills, we were actually heading up the mountains! It was so gradual for him that he didn’t realize it.

Eventually, it sunk in for him – I think! He was at least a lot more pleasant after our “discussion”!

Well, we did one GEO-cash on the way up into the hills. The boys just love doing this.

Then we made a very unplanned stop – just to the side of the road! It was a water flume that we just wanted to get a good look at and maybe shoot some pictures. It was a rainy, overcast day and it just looked SO neat!

So we all ended up getting out of the car and it turned out to be the highlight of the day! It was beautiful! The boys had a blast climbing around – and we had fun shooting pictures.

We kind’a looked like this all day:

But the guys cooperated with us – for the most part!

A very funny moment… Rick and Harrison were goofing around…

…and I asked them to put their cheeks together for a cute close up…

Good grief.

Brothers. Ya really have to be specific with them!

I did finally get one with their “heads together” though!!


“Silly Uncle Rick”!

Such a cool place – alongside the road.

We then went to lunch in Murphy’s. Ate at a little hole in the wall Mexican place. Good grub!

Then it was off to see the Big Trees of the Sierra Nevada’s. We used to go camping here when I was little. I just love it up here. We were in Arnold (just below Big Tree’s National Forrest) when it started snowing. We made a mad dash up to the park before it started getting too bad.

It was well worth the drive and snow for Harrison to see those great big trees!



It was really coming down!

Yea… Nikon face!

I did let go of it sometimes.

Maurene and I tried to get our picture taken together – but were pelted with snowballs the whole time by our boys! See the snowball in this photo? It’s on the lower left side.

We were actually pelted while trying to take their picture as well!

It was SO neat!

We were only there about half and hour, but the snow was really starting to accumulate, and we didn’t want to get “stuck” up there! (They had actually closed the park right after we got in.) So we loaded up and headed home.

On the way however, we saw a sign for Columbia. Maurene has been there before with groups of school kids and knew it was a real cool old pioneer town. So we took a detour! Although, I don’t know if you can call it a detour if you didn’t have a plan in the first place.

 It was raining the whole time, so we didn’t get to as much of it as we’d have liked, but it was a great stop and I plan to return there again with all the boys someday and spend an entire day!

The merchants dressed in the actual time period atire.

What a neat place!

And what a wonderful day! We headed home and Maurene’s husband Eric had an awesome dinner waiting for us. He is a great cook! We looked at pictures and downloaded my camera to their computer since it was full – and I still had another day left in Cali!

 Awesome day – awesome company – awesome scenery!






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