Stop the Merry-Go-Round… I want to get off!

I’ve had an unusual few days here at my own personal “Fun House”. I will fill you in in just a moment. First let me tell you that I know I have one more day on our California vacation to tell/show you, and  there have been two of Harrison’s baseball games to tell/show you – one of which was quite exciting! And then there are a few other small posts that I have in my head to tell you… but I am, now, so behind that I may never have the chance to share those posts with you. We will see.

But right now I have to share some of my yesterday with you.

It started out as a normal school day… boys goofing around with each other while doing chores, animals running to and fro, dishes piled high in the sink, juice spilled on the floor, someone yelling that a toilet was clogged… ya know… the regular stuff. So when it had calmed down a few minutes later – during “quiet independent reading time”, I was enjoying the moment to get a few bills paid on the computer when my visiting mom came in and asked where everyone was. She is legally blind and had not seen them all lined up on the couch in the living room quietly reading.

She announced that she was going to take a walk and asked if I wanted her to take our little dog, Kiki, with her. I said “No, that’s okay… we’ll just wait to do that together.” She asked in an offended way “WHY?” I told her that I didn’t want Kiki tripping her or anything. She was disgusted with my overprotective comment and said, “She’s not going to trip me for Pete’s Sake”. So I said “Do what you want but I don’t recommend it.” She left with Kiki. (Now you know where I get my stubborn streak.)

A few minutes later the boys were finished with their reading and we started a Unit Study together. I had barely begun when I hear my husband yelling for me. In he comes ushering my bloody mom ahead of him. And here’s what happened:

She was halfway down our street when a lady (who lives in our neighborhood) walking three big dogs came into her “view” ahead of her. The lady’s dogs were barking a LOT. Mom didn’t want any trouble so she crossed to the other side of the street. She stopped and had Kiki sit down. She was waiting for the other lady to pass by. All of the sudden all three of those big dogs were attacking mauling Kiki.

Long story short. I spent the rest of the day at the vets and the ER. Mom turned out to have a few bits on her hands and one on her face from Kiki, when she tried to pick her up and rescue her, we’re guessing. She was given antibiotics, some pain meds and sent home. Kiki, on the other hand, didn’t fair so well. She was rushed to the vet and treated for shock and pain. She had surgery today to try to put her hiney back together. literally. She will live – but I doubt that she will be the same dog she was. (That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Those of you that know her will know what I mean!) But we are so sad that she had to go through this awful trauma.

8 hours in waiting rooms.

It has been quite a stressful couple of days.

The Animal Control Officer was here today to get an interview from mom. (Dave has already contacted a lawyer to help us deal with the aftermath of all this. He is now in Dallas for meetings for a couple of days. He was supposed to leave yesterday – but… ) The animal control officer recommends that we press charges and have the three offending dogs deemed unsafe. He thinks that if they’ve done it once, they will do it again. The owner of those dogs was clearly not in control of them. 

I feel as though I am coming out of my skin. I haven’t had a chance to even come unglued yet. With my mom, school, and Kiki’s life in peril… I have just motored through the past two days in a fog. I am a little fearful that I will “loose it” at a very inopportune moment in the near future.

Mom goes home Thursday morning. I think I may sleep for a few days. Oh… noooooo that won’t happen. By then I’ll have a broken, wounded and cranky little dog to care for.


A small island out in the middle of NOWWHERE, alone, sounds reeeeeeealy nice right now.

Will try to update as I can. Now… off to another baseball game with Harrison. I was in high hopes that it would have gotten rained out. But… such as my luck is lately… not happening.

(I apologize ahead of time for any grammar or spelling errors in this and upcoming posts – I’m finding it hard to care!)





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2 responses to “Stop the Merry-Go-Round… I want to get off!

  1. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Poor little Kiki, hope she will be on her legs soon.
    Thank god, your mom wasn’t badly hurt.

  2. Kristin

    Oh, how horrible!! I’m glad your dog will live, but such trauma for him, your mom, and you. I hope he heals right up (and your mom, too.)

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