Poor Little Cone Head

Kiki is home. She is doing better with the pain than I thought she would. Coming from the Vet, it sounded like she was really bad off and nasty about it. But since she has been home she’s cooperated, eaten, and even takes her meds without too much trouble. She does try to get that silly cone off her head – but who wouldn’t. How humiliating.

The hard thing right now is keeping her away from our other two dogs. It is quite the event around here for us to get those two beasts locked up in the shop – let Kiki out to “try” to do her business – and make sure she is staying put before letting the others back out. We’ll get a rhythm down to it soon. Right now we are all just trying to wrap our brains around what has happened.

My husband has just left with my Mom for the airport. She was a bit bummed that the last half of her trip out here was kind’a ruined by all this. I am bummed about it too but…

On a good note – the folks down the street are willing to work with us. We went to visit them last night and approach them about helping out with the vet bill. It’s hard to say what the right thing to do really is, but I feel good about the visit and am glad to be able to hear that lady tell the same story that my mom did about what happened. If I weren’t so angry about the rumors in the neighborhood, I would think it funny that the only two people who really know what happened tell the same story! Gossip is so ugly – and it can hurt so bad.

I’m glad that it wasn’t any worse for anyone involved. My mom’s wounds are healing just fine, and the other lady was treated for her bit as well. And as I nurse Kiki back to health, I am praying that we never have to go through anything like this again. I probably won’t be walking my dogs anytime soon, I would be scared that the same thing could happen to Kiki again – or be on the other end of something like this with one of my big dogs. I guess it could happen to anybody. These are animals – not people. You can not predict what they will do – EVER.

I don’t know… I’m tired… cranky… and I really just want to crawl in a hole today. Mom wears me out. Kiki wears me out. This incident wears me out. I’m done worn out.

But okay.






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3 responses to “Poor Little Cone Head

  1. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Bless your heart, Heidi, you think about what if you were on the other end of this incident. It is very very thoughtful of you.. Glad to know Kiki is home. Hope you will have some time to wind down this weekend. hugs..

  2. Sandy

    Nagisa is so right – you are very thoughtful and in the midst of the emotional stress of it all. I am so lucky to have a friend like you! You have set a great example that won’t go unnoticed and might even give those gossipers a thing or two to think about. You plant good seeds. Love and rest to you this weekend! It’s a tourny weekend for us – I will be looking at diamonds all weekend (the red ones – ha!)

  3. My goodness…how scary, the whole event! I’m glad that your Mom & Kiki are both on the mend. I hope that you get some rest and peace & will keep you in my prayers.

    Love ya,

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