Brain Drain… It Just Needs to Get Out

I hate to do it like this… but I have left myself no choice! I need to get caught up and get all this pent-up Post Info out of my head!

First… A Kiki update. She is healing up. (Read what happened to her here.)And so is my Mom. It was a very traumatic experience for a lot of us… but we are through it and very lucky I might add. The folks down the street came through and we received their portion of the vet bill yesterday! Praise the Lord! It makes me confident that we did the right thing. It was just an unfortunate accident – and their big dog and Kiki have some “hatred” issues. Best to just keep them apart – and they assured me that they won’t even walk him by our house now. I won’t be taking my dogs for a walk for a LONG time. If I’ve learned anything through all this, it’s that you just can’t predict what a dog is going to do. It’s not a furry people – it’s a dog. And they have their own way of dealing with emotional issues! The lady also assured me that she won’t ever attempt to walk all three dogs again – ever. Kiki is showing signs of emotional trauma – and she may not ever be the same because of it. Her being a part of our family is now in jeopardy. I am very torn up over what to do.

Harrison and Kiki (with the “cone of shame” on) watching some TV.

Another update I want to share with you is about Baby Elijah. (This is part of his story about having Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis here.) He is home from the hospital and although not out of the woods yet… he is doing well. He is off of the feeding tube – and strictly nursing – which is great. I don’t know all the technical stuff about his condition now, just that he is home and with his big brothers, mom and dad but has to go up to Atlanta to have his treatment every Tuesday!

I had the pleasure of babysitting his big brothers this last Tuesday while his mom and dad took him up for his Chemo treatment. And aside from a pretty bad storm blowing through the area – HARD – and the electricity going out three times, we did pretty good!



Then on Thursday, my Girls Bible Study class decided to meet at the park since we had already finished our last study early and will take a break now for the summer. Amy (Elijah’s mom) and her boys were able to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather with us. It was a very nice time and I got some great shots of Elijah’s brothers (above are two of them) and  Amy, grabbed my camera and got some cute pictures of Elijah while I held him! (Yes… I was a baby hog!) He was just so cute… and talkative!! I could have just eaten him up! (I did share him a little bit with my friend Branndan!)

Bless his little heart…  he is just such a happy little guy. Some of his meds take a toll on his little tummy, but other than that he is eating and keeping it down pretty well. Such a sweet little pumpkin! Please keep him in your prayers.

Later I will share some more photos from that day. I got some of my own boys too!

Well, I’m not quite caught up… but I feel a little better now!








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2 responses to “Brain Drain… It Just Needs to Get Out

  1. What a darling baby! Nothing can melt your heart like a baby’s precious smile. I think he’s close to my baby boy’s age (6 months). I’m glad he is doing a bit better. I am praying for him.

    I giggled at the cone of shame. We love that movie!

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