I’m Off to See the Wizard

Well, actually… he’s not a Wizard! He’s my Daddy!

In the morning, I head off to California (for the third time this year) to help celebrate my Dad’s 75th Birthday! It will be a wonderful party and all three of my brothers will be there too! 

It will be a very quick trip – hope to get a flight back home on Sunday. God willing. (Standby- Ugggh.)

Looking forward to seeing my family again, but I am not a good traveler, so kind’a dread the trip at the same time.

When I get back we are having a Birthday/Graduation party for Gerrit! He graduates 8th grade and will be turning 14 on Tuesday!

I think I need an assistant to help me with all the planning and scheduling! Anyone else feel like that? Sheesh. I have missed a dentist appointment for Harry recently, not found the time to make one for myself, need to get one boy in for new shoes, another one needs to go pants shopping – but getting him to do that is like pulling teeth, and I seriously need to go to a doctor for my stupid migraines. Just can’t seem to get it all done!

Well, I’m off to bed. Hope you all have a good weekend and I will be back next week to tell you how the trip went.


You’re the best!





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2 responses to “I’m Off to See the Wizard

  1. joanne

    awww….I’ll be praying for you, Heidi! I am not a good traveler either. Will also pray that you get that flight homw!


  2. Papa

    It was a wonderful birthday party. Thank you for your part. You had the greatest sacrifice to make
    in order to attend, coming from so far away. Actually too far away!!! Thank your family for sharing you with me. I think I only cried once and that was when I read your “princess” card after the party. From the day you were born you were, are now, and always will be my “princess”.
    I love you,

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