Trip Was a Success!

 Well, I made it out to California and back successfully. It was truly amazing. The shortest trip I’ve ever taken home!

Dad’s party was wonderful! There were about 25 or so people there, including my three brothers and a cousin who now lives out there.  My cousin is a photographer – so I left my camera in my bag and just had a good time. I will have to share some of his pics when I get them. He did a good job and brought all his professional stuff to the restaurant! Very cool!

My dad was so happy to have all four of his kids together again. It’s been four years since all of us were in the same place!

So… it was a nice birthday for Dad!

Oh, and I made this trip without getting a severely swollen face followed by hives. Yes… it’s happened just like that for the past four or five trips I’ve taken. This time I decided to try something new – so took a Zerteck (sp?) before I left for the airport and then did the same thing coming home. Walah! I’m congested – but at least it stayed in my sinuses!

Yes… I’ll make an appointment with the ENT.

Just happy about not getting a swollen face! Hee hee!




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