Gare-Bear Turns Fourteen

I get quite emotional when I stop and think about it. Gerrit could easily have not been with us all these years. He’s undergone two brain surgeries and has lived with a life threatening cyst in his spinal column for most of his young life. Every milestone is a wonderful miracle in our eyes. We are so blessed go have him with us.

He not only turned 14 Tuesday, but he graduated 8th grade and will now be a high schooler! Yikes. How did that happen? I JUST brought him home from the hospital! (I know… I say that about each one of them on every birthday! I’ll stop. Well… probly not. Just being honest.)

We had a nice little Birthday/Graduation party for him Tuesday night. Just a few of his friends and some dear family friends. It was a great evening, and he seemed to enjoy it all.

He has a hard time dealing with all the attention being on him at any given time – so it was awkward for him while he was opening his cards and we were all watching him. But he made it through that alright! I think all the cash in his cards might have helped him deal with it!

He is a special boy, and we are extremely proud of him.





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  1. Happy Birthday, Gerrit! 🙂

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