Some Photos of Papa’s Big Day

Thanks to my very talented cousin and photographer, Jeff, we have these nice photos from Dad’s Birthday party the other night in California. It was truly wonderful to spend a little time with my Dad, all three brothers and some extended family.

 Brothers: top left; oldest – Eddie, bottom left; second oldest – Rick, bottom right; youngest – Jon.  Hopefully you can tell which one I am, and my Dad is the good-looking guy in the middle!

Here is our photographer, Jeff, his lovely wife Shirley and their adorable little guy Austin. (If Austin ever shows up missing, you might want to check here first! I could just eat that boy up!! MMM-smoochsmooch!)

Papa may have snatched him too however. Just feast your eyes on all that cuteness! Mercy. That little fella is soaked in personality! As you can see, my dad is not lacking in it either!

Love you Daddy!

Hope your 75th year is one of your best.


(And Carol, you did a great job on the party! Thanks for all you do.)





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