And He’s Gone…

Temporarily of course!

My baby is old enough to go off on his own for five days. FIVE. (It’s going to be a long week for me.)

He was very excited. (Of course.)

Me? Not so much. (But you already knew that.)

I didn’t notice the shirt he was wearing until we were half way up to the camp.

It says:


my parents

buy one, get one free

I started to wonder about that particular choice in shirts… and then it struck me… he doesn’t even look at what’s on his shirts… that would include cracker crumbs, dribbled food, cat hair, or DIRT, much less the printing on the darn thing. He just isn’t that way. SO… him picking that shirt to wear probably had nothing to do with actually hoping to sell his parents for extra spending money at the camp store – and more to do with the fact that it was the top shirt in his drawer.

The camp is a little over two hours away from us. A very pretty location.


This horse was shaking her head up and down as if to say “yep… this is the place!”

The building in the distance (on the left) is the camp store, gymnasium and post office. To the right you can see part of the lake. The road I am on is the upper road that has all the cabins and cafeteria on it.

This shot is from the walkway straight out of Harry’s cabin. The building on the right is the cafeteria.

On the upper road coming back out of the camp. The lake goes all the way around to the right for quite a good bit.

Harry & Tucker’s cabin.

Yes… he is at camp with his best buddy – in the same cabin – for FIVE days.

Bless this poor young man’s heart:

It’ll be a long week for him too!







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