Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow…

I know. I’m a dweeb. But I miss my little guy (first time to summer camp) something fierce! This has been MUCH harder than I thought it would be. It is quieter around here, and it’s a nice break from the usual “tude” over chores and piano practice, and I’m not having to answer a zillion unanswerable questions every day, and I haven’t had to make a mayonnaise & Tabasco sandwich in days… but… but… isn’t it just a shame that when you get that break you’ve been dreaming of – you can’t enjoy it for the damn knot of worry in your stomach because you miss him so much?

Such is the life of a mom.

It’s almost over now. I have to get through tonight and half of tomorrow. Although, most of that time I will be in the car, happily driving north, towards my baby – who’s NOT a baby – but will be forever to me!

Oh Yaaay! I think I’m going to live through this!






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2 responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow…

  1. It just goes to show what a loving mama you are…happy that he comes home soon!

  2. Nagisa

    You made it!! congrats!! I know exactly how you feel..sometimes I can’t stand three hours Kaoru spends at a cram school and it is only minutes away from our place. He, on the other hand, is cool with the idea of being away from his mom, he says I will have to let him go someday. Boo foo..
    Welcome back to Harrison!!

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