My Camp’en Boy’s Back

Yes… I have my baby back and I am loving every minute of it!

He had a wonderful time up at camp and is talking about next year already! I needn’t have worried about him – he was fine! But I was just being a mom.

He and his little buddy Tucker, talked almost non-stop when I picked them up. Telling me about every little detail of camp life. Right down to the food they ate! So cute. After awhile it was just Tucker talking and when he stopped for a second I hear… snoring! Harrison was OUT! A few minutes later so was Tucker. They were so happy – and yet SO tired!

Here are a couple of pictures from the camp photographer. I would have loved more. In fact Tucks mom and I schemed about driving up to the camp, during the middle of the week, wearing camouflage and armed with binoculars and telephoto lenses! Hee, hee! I was ready to roll – but then we discussed the ugly dilemma of getting caught and embarrassing the bageebers out of our little boys. We aborted the mission.

I had a hard time letting go of the idea however. I dreamed about it that night. Slithering around the ground in my fatigues… aiming my Nikon at a bunch of little campers… scoping them out to find my target… click, click, click of the shutter. Got’em! Let’s move out!

This was the best one of the two of them. And not too good – eh? It didn’t help me at all to go on-line and see THIS picture in the middle of the week. I was hoping for big smiles. I know it was just taken without them knowing and they were intent or whatever… but to a worrying mom… this one did not help me one bit.

Their counselor gave them a printed photo of him, themselves, and all of their cabin mates. But I haven’t scanned it yet – so don’t have it for this post. Thinking maybe I shouldn’t anyway because of the other children in the picture. But anyway  – it is a cute one.

Just glad he had a good time and even happier he’s home!

Oh, he did bring back something from camp. I found it while playing with his hair while he layed his head in my lap during church. Yes… a big fat TICK. ON HIS HEAD. OMG. I HATE TICKS. I can do snakes, spiders, an array of strange bugs and assorted creatures… but NOT ticks. I almost caused a scene in the church! Thankfully, it was almost over, and I be lined it to a friend who is a nurse and she took it off of him for me. YUCK. NASTY little things… sucking the blood out of my baby. Of all the nerve. Did I say that I hated them?

So… we are all back home. All my chicks are in the nest again. For now.

I’m enjoying my summer with these guys!



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