What’s the Deal?

I just don’t know why I can’t get on here and post like I used to. I’m just not as together as I was during the school year.

I HAVE enjoyed having my Harrison Bo Bearison back home. He is just the proverbial music to our home!  He’s fun and we love’em.

The two middle boys went to an Air Soft (guns that shoot plastic bb’s) birthday party last Saturday night. It was a sleepover so they got to battle again in the morning too. They had a great time!

The husband was gone again most of the week, but is back now and ready to have a relaxing 4th of July.

Gerrit went to the doctor Monday, after complaining of an ear ache all weekend. He has swimmers ear. But is doing great after being on the meds all week.

Harrison has been spending a lot of time next door with the neighbors. Thankfully they like him! That boy is just a little social bug! 🙂

JJ and Harris have started taking piano lessons from a REAL teacher. She teaches the Suzuki method. They are doing very well with it. Although they don’t LOVE taking piano lessons, they are dealing with it pretty well. Harrison is just being compliant so he can prove to me that he’s responsible enough with practicing for me to buy him a drum set! (Maybe for Christmas.) And JJ is beginning to realize that he might have a special gift for the piano. I am very proud of both of them.

Gerrit got his guitar a couple of weeks ago. (This is what he wanted from us for his 8th grade graduation and 14th birthday.) He picked out a real nice looking acoustic guitar. He hasn’t started lessons yet, but plays around on it every day during “music time” to see if he can get some of the chords figured out himself. He seems to be enjoying it and I look forward to what he can do once he starts lessons!

Darren is still just working as many hours as they will give him. Which isn’t much. Kind’a frustrating. He still plans on college in the fall. I am hopeful. 🙂

Been on a cooking binge this week. Tried several new things as well as some old standbys. I love it when I get in the mood to cook! (So does the rest of the family.)

Today, the three youngest and I braved the crowds and went to the Seventh Day Adventist General Conference up in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. It’s a huge event that is put on every five years (I think) and in various places all over the world. It just happened to be here in Atlanta this time.

I am NOT a fan of crowds, but decided to take the boys to see the life-sized tabernacle. (That part was outside.) It was pretty neat and I’m glad we did that, but should have stopped there! We ventured in with the rest of our group and had a bite to eat – then went into giant room with various booths and events. I did pretty good until I got caught up in a mass of folks and couldn’t see a way out.

It’s too embarrassing to tell you what I did… but needless to say… I got out.



At least I tried.

Bless my boys hearts. They were great and helped me get out, then recover. I do like people. Just not all in one place!

SO… I’m off to bed now and look forward to tomorrow! A next door neighbors 4th party, then on to another (ex)neighbors house for a birthday party. Should be a good day! (As long as there aren’t any big crowds.)

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend!



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One response to “What’s the Deal?

  1. Oh, how like you I am….I can not take crowds in any form.

    I’m glad you are having a fun summer.


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