Is He a Pain or Precious?

No… I’m not referring to one of my boys! Although that might be appropriate! 🙂

I’m actually talking about this little stinker.

I get such a kick out of him “stealing” the birdseed every day that I just can’t stay mad at him.

He is so cleaver, and determined!

(I could use some of that myself right about now.)

But I’ve decided not to shoot him with Gerrit’s new high-powered sniper rifle (air-soft)… I just don’t think  I can hurt anything that tries that hard. And I think he’s cute.

I know… squirrels are a pain. But I rather enjoy watching the little pain!

The other day I saw this little sweetie a little ways off…

Doesn’t she look like a little lady with her hands folded? Probably fretting over him dangling from the bird feeder like that!

I think it was his girlfriend! She waited so patiently for him to knock some of the seed down. And like a little gentleman, he did! It was so cool to watch that.

The birds are still getting their fill. Cuz, I like watching them too.



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