Music to My Ears

The two youngest boys are doing so well in their piano lessons I am beginning to think that they may have gotten the music gene afterall! (I know it skipped me altogether. Although I do enjoy listening to music – I’m pretty tone-deaf.)

Here they are at their teachers house having a  lesson. She is just the best! And she teaches the Suzuki method. No music books. They are learning their songs by just listening to a CD.

Funny thing is… I’m keeping up with them! Yep. I practice everything she is teaching them! I have to practice a lot more, but maybe this time I will actually learn to play the piano! If not I will have fun trying.

Harris is complying quite well now with the whole piano thing… since he is seeing those drums in his near future.

And JJ is actually looking like he is enjoying himself sometimes!


Either way, I’m SO glad that we found the most awesome teacher and that they are doing this well at it.

I love hearing the piano being played!



P.S. Guy & Bud start guitar lessons next week!


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