A Good Day in Georgia

Saturday was a nice day from start to finish.

First of all the head-splitting migraine I had Friday was gone – mostly. And while I was getting ready for church I saw a beautiful deer outside my window! They have a special meaning for me… it’s this thing I have with God… and it’s a good feeling every time I see one! Then saw two little (wild) bunnies.

I enjoyed church with my family and friends.

Then this afternoon we saw THIS in our backyard…


… I do believe there is a pot of gold under my fig tree now!!

It poured and poured at our house. MUCH needed rain I tell you! So it was mighty welcome… except that my husband and I were going to a concert in an outdoor amphitheater in the evening… and it wasn’t letting up. We drove to Peachtree City with it still pouring rain… waited in the car awhile… watched the lightning and thunder show!!! (you know I was loving that!!) and then just as it was time to start… the rain stopped!


We enjoyed our date listening to Boz Scaggs. He still sounds good!

Nice date night. We sure need to do those more often. (ahhhhemm.)




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