Check Mate

My boys play in phases. Do your kids do this?

For instance, one month they are really into Legos and they want to spend every cent of their hard-earned (=worked for) allowance money on some particular Lego set. Then the next month they might be into Yugio cards and “need” to run to Target to purchase a new  pack because they are “building a fire deck” or something like that. (It is an actual game that makes them think and plan… so that is good.) Other times they spend hours on the computer designing their own card games on a nifty website that allows them to upload their own photos or drawings and make up their own effects – and then battle each other. (A year or so ago, Harrison made up an entire deck based on space! It was awesome and he got lots of good praise from all of his older brothers!) Sometimes it’s making movies, writing stories, making up games, video games, etc…

Anyway… I am glad that they rotate their interests like that. I do that with my artwork, so I totally understand it.

SO…. lately they have learned to play chess.

Thus enters a new phase…


Very cool! Just don’t ask me to play. I detest the game. (It’s a long story.)

 Luckily for them… their daddy loves it!

So lately, I find all four boys playing chess (like above, with two games going) or one of them hooked up with Dad in the evenings after he gets home from work!

That’s a good thing.





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