Born Free

I guess I never posted this. Hummmn. Thought I did.


 It’s kind of old news now – but a couple of you will be happy to see this! The rest of you are free to go. I won’t be offended.


Back in April, the boys and I took our beloved turtle, Jerri, from her in (shrinking) tank and let her go in our friend Becky’s lake. We let our neighbors turtle go here a few years ago, and we’ve seen several others out there as well, so we know she will have friends and be very happy in her new “tank”!

Jerri’s new tank!

About five years ago, our good friend Amy found this baby yellow-eared slider turtle in her pool and gave us a call. We had just lost two baby red-eared slider turtles that I had ordered from a turtle farm in Florida. I think they were sickly when we got them, because they didn’t live long at all. Having already bought all the supplies for a baby turtle… we were all set to rescue this little sweetie!

Yellow-eared aquatic turtles are native to this part of Georgia. And just so ya know… it’s not really their ear… but you can see her yellow stripe behind her eyes in her close up shots.

She was just about the size of a silver dollar on that first day. She grew steady over the next five years and as she did, we had to upgrade the size of the tank she was in!

Finally, it just seemed wrong to keep her anymore. I did some checking and found out that they acclimate very well to being set free if they were wild to begin with. So… she is living the good life now! (or a racoon ate her…but I choose to believe the former.)

I don’t know… and I don’t want to know. I loved her and enjoyed her while we had her. I did my best to give her the best care while at the same time trying to keep some of her instincts sharp. (Like giving her live fish to catch and eat. Worms, bugs etc.) And I want to think I did good by letting her go free. 

(Hear Born Free music here!)

I just love that we got to experience her.



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