A Day With Darren


Darren is enjoying his bass a lot more now that he has started lessons. He and little bro (Gerrit) practice together whenever they can.

(I can’t believe that man up there is my son!)

He’s also gearing up for College. Classes start the second week in August. This is exciting around here! A major step toward him finding his place in this world.

He and I had a very good conversation today. He likes to talk deep, but when he gets home from work at midnight, I’m DONE and no good for anything deep! I can barely do shallow! But he happened to be off work today, and got up early to spend the day with his family. It was nice to see him more than just in passing, and we got to have such a nice talk about his life, his desires and his future. I will cherish that conversation. He may be slow to figure out what he wants to do in life, but one thing is for sure… he’s an awesome guy and I am blessed to be his mom.

More music photos coming…




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  1. Boy! He is one very handsome man….just like his Mom is a very beautiful woman!


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