Haven’t Found Him Yet

Still no new news on our friend who is missing on the Snake River in Wyoming. I saw that several news sites are saying that it’s now become a recovery mission instead of a rescue. It just make my stomach churn.

We are so sad. Not able to focus on anything that we are supposed to be doing.

I am headed off to the store now. My Bible Study girls are getting the meals started for this precious family. Our church will rally around Joel’s wife and kids and see that they are physically cared for. But it is actually their hearts that is of the most concern. If mine hurts so bad – I can not even fathom what theirs might feel like.

Please continue to pray for them.





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2 responses to “Haven’t Found Him Yet

  1. I am continuing to pray for the family & especially the boy, that he would not feel like it was his fault. I can’t even imagine. So sweet that your kids fasted.

    God Bless…
    hi-d (too)

  2. This is such a hard time. My heart and prayers are will all of you.


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