What an Awsome School Year!

Yes, I know. It’s only been five days, but if those five days are any indication of how the rest of the year will go… we’re going to have a great year! The boys were very cooperative and (for the most part) didn’t fuss about “having” to go back to school “already”. They all matured a great deal over the summer. They also seemed to grow right before my eyes in this warm, humid summer! Thankfully, I didn’t have to run out and buy all new school clothes for them – since they are in jammies for most of the school day. 

 We are doing a new Science program this year. It’s Apologia General Science and in a CD-ROM form. It’s been a great experience so far. (Actually, we have done some Apologia science studies before. Ones for younger kids. They were good too!) I know that it is way above Harrison’s head, but he is enjoying the experiments, and will glean some of the info, so that reviewing it in the future will be quite simple for him. All four of us are anxious for Science class every day!

I am still getting our system/rhythm down. We decided to split up History and Science into different days, since doing both is hard to get in everyday. I realize that it takes a week or two to find the groove – but really – it did go well for a first week. I am mostly nervous about Guy getting everything that he needs. I will soon settle down about it – but having a highschool student is really kind’a scary for me.

Here are some photos of our science this week.

Experiment 1.1 Learning about Atoms and density. This was very cool!

The boys each have a science journal to illustrate and document our experiments.

Experiment 1.2 Atoms in Motion

How atoms move more rapidly in hot water than in cold.

Very interesting!

Experiment 1.3 Chemical Reactions

Adding the baking soda to the vinegar mixture.

Harrison’s face says it all!

Now they’re coming up with all sorts of ways to use this new little tidbit of information! 🙂

Cheers to a great fist week of a new school year!









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One response to “What an Awsome School Year!

  1. Can my kids come to your house for Science? 🙂 Those are some awesome experiments!

    We started school this week too and had a great week as well. I’m so excited to be back into school. I think the kids are enjoying it too. 😉

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