In Honor of a Hero

Most of you who are friends or regular readers know about our friend Joel Fegarido who drowned recently while saving his son Joey from the Snake River on his last day of vacation in Wyoming. I have posted many article links in past posts. Now I want to ask a favor of you.

If you could spare the five minutes or so it takes to do this, I would love for you to click on the link below and watch the interview that Eva (Joel’s wife) and Joey did on Friday. It’s about an essay that Eva wrote to try to win 50 laptops for our small church school.

She is a strong and amazing woman, and Joey a thoughtful and caring little man – both of whom are so proud of Joel, and miss him terribly. They agreed to do this interview in hopes that people would vote for Shoal Creek Adventist School, and thereby fulfill a dream of Joel’s. As School Board Chairman, Joel had a big dream for this little school. One of them was to get the students access to better computer equipment.

Eva saw this opportunity and took it. Just watch the video – and then please take the time to click on the link to Charter at the bottom of the written article and vote for Shoal Creek Adventist School. We are currently in third place. We all want this in honor of Joel.

Eva and Joey’s interview on 11 Alive News

Direct link to Charter Laptop Contest

Thank you so much.



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